Electroplating Automations

In the ship's engine room or in a power plant there are several valve and pump cases that can not be carried to a workshop for repair. Many components have to be repaired by electroplating in their place do to the simple facts they are so heavy to carry or already fixed to the hull permanently. Sometimes the surface has to be plated, that could reach to a few hundred square inches. Plating large surfaces by hand takes days even weeks.

Typical automation sets contains plugs that seals any leaks in the system, anode that fits to your surface to be plated and cover that comprises the bearing for the anode and seals the entire automation system to an open environment and two barb fittings let you pump the solution in and out. This seal system protects the workers from inhaling hazardous vapors and having physical contact with corrosive chemicals. When you are electroplating an overhead components you will be relaxed and have a limited PPE.

ElectroplatingUSA offers the custom automation sets unique to your components. Just send us CAD files of your components and we will design and build an automation set for you that will cut your labor cost and time to a fraction.