Brush Electroplating System by ElectroplatingUSA

The Navy, Air force and civilian vessels repair their wear and tear parts and corroded surfaces of the valves, pumps and flanges by building a desired metal by using electroplating. One of the greatest advantages that brush plating services, or selective electroplating services, offer over a traditional immersion bath – or tank plating methods, is flexibility. The equipment for brush plating is mobile and can be done anywhere – from the workshop to onside or on board at customer's location without requiring the transportation or shipment of heavy and delicate components. 

The highlight of the portfolio is the patented Leak Free Brush Plating System (Patent No.: US 11,352,710 B2, 2022). This groundbreaking technology addresses critical challenges faced by the US Navy, Air Force, and civilian vessels in repairing wear and tear on crucial components such as valves, pumps, and flanges through the electroplating process.

Most of the leak conscious electroplating repairs happen on board. Some components are welded to the hull of the ship or main engine that can not be separated to carry to workshop and that has to be repaired on their spot. The parts can not rip off from the vessel that are permanently fixed to the systems that create leaking problems while electroplating. On board the brush plating process, one of the most time consuming steps is masking and sealing the system to prevent leakage. Electrolyte dipped anode can not hold the solution for good. Gravity lets the solution slowly leak out or if we are pumping the solution on the anode you have to catch the excess solution to reach the undesirable surfaces in the system. As you know, plating solutions are highly corrosive and any simple leakage creates harm to the system. When operators plating any components overhead, they have to protect themselves and the surrounding area from the dripping solution with extra personal protection equipment and coverage.

ElectroplatingUSA has addressed these issues with a new revolutionary patented Leak Free® Brush Plating System by eliminating the need for elaborate protective measures and extensive sealing procedures. The unit contains the anodes that is always desirably wet and does not drip. The system's unique design includes a peristaltic pump for precise solution delivery and a vacuum pump ejector that effectively captures excess solution, providing a safe and efficient plating experience. This breakthrough technology not only enhances operator safety but also protects the environment from toxic fumes and chemicals. This lightweight and portable system redefines brush electroplating with an innovative design, ensuring a seamless and environmentally conscious plating process. Our Leak Free Electroplating system revolutionizes brush electroplating technology by ensuring operator safety and environmental responsibility. With our Drip Free System, operators can work confidently without exposure to toxic fumes and pollutants, marking a significant advancement in the industry and, it is made in New Hampshire.

While competitors like Dalic and Sifco AFC have introduced their versions of drip-less brush electroplating systems, our systems stand out due to their versatility.

Electroplating USA offers three different sizes of Leak Free® Brush Plating Systems to meet various requirements. The Ultima model accommodates up to six different plating solutions, weighing just 40 lb. and compact enough to fit through tight spaces such as submarine hatches and can be a check bag for every airline. The Noble model supports two plating solutions and weighs only 20 lb., while the Select model handles one plating solution and weighs just 5 lb. All units are encased in heavy-duty rollover Polypropylene watertight, crush-proof cases, ensuring durability and portability.

In addition to the new system, ElectroplatingUSA provides a range of patented anodes tailored for different surfaces and geometries. The company's concave Leak Free Shaft anodes convex o'ring surface anodes offer a customizable solution for unique diameters, providing unmatched versatility to meet diverse customer needs.


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